Comic Artists: Mary Stuart (Part I)

Friday, February 4

Tempo and Black Hat Collective Hat Collective team up to bring you Comic Artists Night at the Opera:

Artist: Kevin Cannon
Mary Stuart No. 5

Mary Stuart No. 9

Mary Stuart No. 9

Kevin C's Thoughts On the Experience
Last night I had the good fortune of being able to doodle during a dress rehearsal of the Minnesota Opera's Mary Stuart at the Ordway Center. I was invited by Tempo and the Black Hat Collective, and was part of a group of about fifteen cartoonists who tried to visually capture the opera. Our little group must have looked strange from the stage, fifteen dark-clad cartoonists scribbling madly under a haze of blue booklights, our rapt silence broken only by paper rustling or the occasional pencil dropping on the floor.

Want to see more of Kevin's Mary Stuart sketches? Check out his blog.


Artist: Lupi McGinty

Lupi's Thoughts On the Experience
Thanks for inviting us to draw the performance. I appreciated being able to enjoy the artistry that went into the show--the lighting, sets, and performances were all fantastic. I tried to bring some of the expressive color and body language into my sketch of Mary kneeling.  I look forward to seeing everyone else's work online.


Artist: Ken Avidor

Ken's Thoughts On the Experience
Thanks so much for inviting me to sketch last night. I had a lot of fun. I wish I could do it again. I've mentioned it on the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers blog.



Tempo February 4, 2011 at 10:18 AM  

Tempo and the Black Hat Collective team up to bring you Comic Artists Night at the Opera.

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