Life's a Masquerade!

Tuesday, October 19

Cinderella's Masquerade Ball is right around the corner - are you ready? Do you have a costume? Okay, maybe not a full fledged costume, but how about a mask? It is, after all, a masquerade ball.

If you don't have anything yet, no worries. There's still penty of time. You can peruse the selection at Twin Cities Costume & Magic Shop in St. Paul and pick out something fabulous or you can make your own mask.

We know what you're thinking. We were thinking it too. What? Arts and crafts? How? When? Well, here comes l'etoile to the rescue! They provide a fabulous step by step guide to making a masquerade mask. 

to this:
Fabulous, no? Can't wait to see this gorgeous mask at the party. We were so inspired that we took a shot at the whole mask making thing. First, a little internet research for inspiration (a Google search for "venetian masks" turns up lots fun photos). A quick trip to Michaels. Then, we made a few masks. No leaves for us - some paint (black, gold, and a little glitter), some gems, a few feathers, even some butterflies. Check it out:
We're pretty impressed with ourselves. And we're definitely looking forward to the Ball. See you there!

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