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Incredible Ticket Discounts
Tempo members receive discounts on two subscriptions or two single tickets for the opening night performance of every opera in the season. The single ticket price of $30 is a crazy good deal for a Saturday night at the opera. The season subscription packages – bananas! You can subscribe to three operas for $80, four for $100, and all five for only $120. Did we mention these tickets are for opening night?

Tempo Lounge
Tired of wandering aimlessly during intermission? Meet and mingle with other Tempo members at our intermission hot spot located on the Mezzanine level. Order your drinks before the show starts and you can skip the lines - your drinks will be waiting for you!

Opera Night Out
Tempo loves a good party! After the show, join us at Opera Night Out – a post show party for Tempo members, resident artists, and the cast and crew. Complimentary appetizers, drink specials, music, dancing, and much more.

Exclusive Invites
Tempo members receive invitations to a variety of events throughout the season. Some events:
Opera Tasting. Tempo’s annual “gala” event – one part wine tasting and one part opera season kick-off. Guests nosh on appetizers, are introduced to amazing wines, and enjoy a staged performance by the Minnesota Opera's Resident Artists.
(behind the) Bohemian Scenes. A salon inspired conversation with the stars of the Minnesota Opera's La boheme, including James Valenti fresh from his Paris Opera debut. The event featured the work of local artists, gypsy jazz, 19th century inspired fashion, and portrait sittings.
Brew and View with the Queen. A viewing of the 1939 film, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, at Brit’s Pub.
Mimosas & the Met. Mimosas, caramel rolls, and brunch at a downtown Minneapolis restaurant, followed by a live HD performance from the Metropolitan Opera.

Opera Discounts Nationwide
Tempo is a member of Young Friends of America, a program designed to encourage traveling young professionals to see and hear opera across the country. As a Tempo member, you also receive ticket discounts and access to events at other participating organizations. For more information on this fantastic program, click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now! Click here for the online Tempo Membership Form.

Please contact Tempo with any questions or ways in which we can help you get the most from your membership.

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