Comic Artists Night at the Opera

Friday, February 4

Don't you love it when people have a good idea and that good idea turns into an amazing event? Yeah, so do we. Well, way back this fall (seems way back with all the snow that's happened since), Tempo received an email from a member of the Black Hat Collective pitching an idea - have comic artists attend a dress rehearsal, draw what inspires them, and share the results on our blog. Tempo's not one to ignore a good idea, so, a couple months later...

Tempo (and Minnesota Opera, of course!) hosted the first ever Comic Artists Night at the Opera. On Thursday, January 27, a group of Black Hat Collective artists attended the Mary Stuart dress rehearsal (after a lite bite at Pazzaluna) and drew whatever moved them. It was a great event - there was artist love all around (on stage, in the audience, after the performance - you name it!) We're all excited to see the resulting artwork, but the folks who saw it happen are probably the most excited (and who can blame them).

Anyway, we expected it the results to be good. Heck, we expected the results to be great. You know what? The artwork is FANTASTIC, AMAZING, BRILLIANT. . . we could go on, seriously, we could. Check back throughout the day as we post the fabulous work of Black Hat Collective artistsKen Avidor, Lee Blauersouth, Kevin Cannon, Ursula Murray Husted, Nicole Lorenz, Lupi McGinty, Brittney Sabo, Tim Tapp, and Salina TravinoUntil then, enjoy this teaser fabulous piece (it's like he knew we needed something for the opening post) by Ken Avidor:

Artwork by Ken Avidor
One last thing, wanna hear a firsthand take on Comic Artists Night at the Opera? Max Sperber gives us his take in Max About Town.


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