Comic Artists: Mary Stuart (Part II)

Friday, February 4

Tempo and Black Hat Collective team up to bring you Comic Artists Night at the Opera:

Artist: Tim Tapp
Lady in darkness
Tim's Thoughts on the Experience
The experience was very good. The energy on stage was easy to understand because they genuine human emotions. This was my first opera and I had fun.  

Artist: Salina Travino 
Accepting Fate
Salina's Thoughts on the Experience
The costumes were gorgeous-- my eyes couldn't get enough of them! The singers' voices were powerful and moving. I felt honored to be welcomed as an artist and given the opportunity to try to capture some of Mary Stuart's magnificence!
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Artist: Lee Blauersouth
Mary's preparations
Sketch 1
Elizabeth's decision

Lee's Thoughts on the Experience
Is there anything more fun to sketch than Elizabethan garb? Probably not. But there are probably easier things to draw on the fly on a moving target! The hats! The voluminous skits! Those crazy collars! Giant fluffy bloomers! Conveying emotion in body language under all those layers of clothes must be hard on the actors, but they did a great job. Then the task was up to me to draw what the actors put forth.


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