Radio Broadcast: Das Rheingold from San Francisco Opera

Sunday, September 4

Das Rheingold, photo from
Radio Broadcast: Das Rheingold, Sunday, September 4, 10pm CST/8pm PST.

Tune in to KDFC to hear Das Rheingold, the first installment in Wagner's epic masterpiece, The Ring of the Nibelung.

The broadcast features Mark Delavan, Stefan Margita, Gordon Hawkins, Elizabeth Bishop, Ronnita Miller, David Cangelosi, Andrea Silvestrelli, Daniel Sumegi, Brandon Jovanovich, Gerd Grochowski, Melissa Citro, Stacey Tappan, Lauren McNeese and Renée Tatum; conducted by Donald Runnicles.

The broadcast was recorded in summer 2011 as the first installment of San Francisco Opera's acclaimed presentation of The Ring of the Nibelung. The broadcast will be hosted by Dianne Nicolini.

Tune in to For more information on San Francisco Opera radio broadcasts, visit


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