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Tuesday, April 26

Been feeling blue about the end of the Minnesota Opera season?  Can't wait until Opera Tasting 2011 for a quick fix of favorite arias?  Filling the void this Wednesday the 27th at 10 pm, Red Stag Supper Club comes to the rescue by hosting Opera on Tap

Opera on Tap has chapters in 7 cities presenting opera with a casual, back stage party atmosphere.  As they say:

                'In 2005 we created Opera on Tap as a performance outlet for our friends and
                ourselves. We wanted an opera "gig" in the vein of the New York rock or jazz gig.
                Freddy’s Bar and Backroom provided us with the opportunity. It was an
                affordable way to have fun together and work on our music at the same time...'

This sounds like it would be right up Tempo's alley, we can't wait to check it out!

Click here to learn more about Opera on Tap - Twin Cities


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