"Master Opera Class"

Wednesday, April 13

For opera lovers everywhere, this Sunday, April 17 and Sunday, May 1 at the 2011 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, "Master Opera Class" will show you what it takes to become the next opera star.

"What does it take to become the next world-class opera star? Watch as 500 young international talents audition for the prestigious Opera Studio, a master class at the world-renowned Bavarian State Opera, with General Music Director Kent Nagano.

Stage fright, doubt, intense pressure, hard work, and plenty of stage makeup lies ahead of the lucky seven accepted into the program. All in their mid-twenties, at the edge of their careers, the singers go through tireless training with the remarkable French Maestro Laurent Pillot. Over time allowed to perform small roles in one of the world’s foremost opera houses, they test the waters of opera stardom.

Meanwhile, Monsieur Pillot is already hot on the audition trail of the next divo or diva to grace the ears of opera connoisseurs around the world. Who will succeed in this highly competitive business of lungpower and vocal precision? And who will be stuck waiting in the wings? For opera lovers everywhere."

Click here for tickets and more information about showtimes and the festival.


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