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Monday, July 26

Portrait of Giuseppe Verdi by Giovanni Boldini...Image via Wikipedia

How well do you know your opera? Is 140 characters enough for you to figure this one out? (click on the tweet for the answer)
Father is less than enthusiastic about son’s love affair with aging, bankrupt, terminally ill prostitute. Can you believe it?
If you guessed "La traviata," give yourself a pat on the back.*

This lovely tweet by @SamNeuman is a winning entry from the Operaplot 2010 Contest. Want to see more? Check out the The Omniscient Mussel - you'll find the winners, runners up (there's someone from Minneapolis), and a link to ALL of the entries.

Did you notice the fabulous prizes? Seems like this contest is something of a hit, so start working on your entries - you've got all season. We'd love to be bragging about a Tempo tweet this time next year!

*If you guessed wrong (or had no idea), better make sure to grab some tickets for the Minnesota Opera's production of La traviata in March. Yes, we know this is a shameless plug, but hey, we do that sometimes.
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