Love Your iPod? Thank Opera.

Monday, December 20

Yup, you read that right. In a six degrees of separation kind of way, the iPod owes a debt of gratitude to opera. Here's the fun fact you can use to impress your friends at cocktail parties:
Photo from Tokyo Five
Akio Morita was kinda a big deal. In the 1970s, he was the co-chairman of Sony (also co-founder). As you can imagine he spent many hours in the air (remember, he was a big deal). In addition to being a Sony head honcho, he was a big opera fan.\ and we wanted more than to enjoy a little opera on his long flights. So, being the head of a tech company, he asked his people to make it happen. And they did . In 1978, audio engineer Nobutoshi Kihara developed the Walkman so that his boss could fly the friendly skies in operatic bliss. Seriously, folks, opera. It's a gamechanger. 
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