Tempo in Brief: 10.1.10

Friday, October 1

A little opera, a little fashion, a little gossip, a lot of cheekiness. We like! - Opera Chic

Are you going to see Renee Fleming on October 7th at the Schubert Club? If so, you should join Tempo after the performance for a reception at Kincaid's! Appetizers provided and drink specials available. RSVP to tempo@mnopera.org by October 4th if you plan to attend. - The Schubert Club

Speaking of Renee Fleming, Opera Chic thinks she's one of the 5 best dressed opera singers. "Renee is the Highlander of Opera: In the end there can only be one. Get used to it." That's some high praise. - W Magazine

So far you've met Joshua Dorothy, Nadege Souvenir, and Victoria Vargas. Wonder who'll be next? - 10 Questions with Tempo

Tempo is looking forward to The Salon Series: Once Upon a Time at the Opera. We hope to see you there. - Minnesota Opera

Gotta love those Barihunks! Especially when they will be performing at the Minnesota Opera this season. - Barihunks


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