Corsets & Period Costumes

Tuesday, October 5

With Halloween just around the corner, some of you gals (and guys) may be busting out your corsets and period costumes for fabulous Halloween soirees.* How do you breath and move in those suckers? Best to ask an expert. The Podium chatted with Kelly Kaduce and got some "Diva Tricks of the Trade." 

Here are some of the things that stood out to us:
  • Corsets - practice, breath, and leave a little room (seriously, you don't want to pass out!)
  • Long trains - walk in little circles, backwards is not your friend
  • Potty breaks - ladies, you may need to rethink your point of view
  • Walking - short steps, make 'em wait for you
Kelly clearly has experience singing while wearing corsets, heavy gowns, and uber long trains (maybe all at the same time). We plan on taking her advice - if we ever have to cinch ourselves into a corset. On second thought, maybe we'll leave all the fancy costumes to the experts. Kelly and all her fabulousness will be back in Minnesota this spring as Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights. Do you have your tickets yet?

*Speaking of fabulous Halloween soirees, mark your calendars for the Masquerade Ball after Cinderella. It's not to be missed!


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