Newlyweds Matt & Chad win Tempo Membership and Subscription

Monday, October 3

Chad (L) and Matt (R) with Robyne Robinson (C) at Opera Tasting 2011
Newlyweds Matt and Chad won a Tempo membership and a 5-opera subscription to Minnesota Opera at Opera tasting 2011!  To win, Matt concocted a highly creative 3-opera season:
Opera 1:  Sandra Bullock directs Faust on a moving bus that cannot go slower than 60 MPH
Opera 2:  The Octomom directs Don Giovanni - - in the womb.
Opera 3:  Carmen Sandiego directs Carmen, set in historic places around the globe and conducted by Rockapella.
Chad received honorable mention for
Opera 1:  Paris Hilton directs The Magic Flute - - with her mouth.
Opera 2:  Bob Barker directs Tosca using a cast of spaded cats.
Opera 3:  Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Will Smith direct Porgy & Bess set in L. Ron Hubbard's basement.
Who knows?  Maybe Tempo has some new opera impresarios that just joined the ranks?  Good luck producing these operas, and welcome to Tempo, Matt & Chad!
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