Comic Artists: La Traviata

Tuesday, March 8

Tempo and Black Hat Collective team up to bring you Comic Artists Night at the Opera.

Artist: Ken Avidor

Drink 1
Drink 2
Death Scene

Ken's Thoughts on the Experience
I really enjoyed La Traviata -- great music, singing and great sets.  Posted it on the Twin Cities Urban Sketchers blog.


Artist: Melissa Kaercher

Melissa's Thoughts on the Experience
It has been years since I'd had the chance to do live drawing at all, and this evening was a marvelous opportunity.  I made an experiment of it, by attempting to do quick sketching on my laptop, using a Wacom tablet.  While I found the tablet to be too clumsy to capture the likenesses of the actors, I had a great time trying to capture the colors, textures, and moods of each scene.


Artist: Maxeem Konrardy

Maxeem's Thoughts on the Experience
It was nice to sit and draw together with follow comic artists and reflect some kind of artistry back at the musicians and singers and dancers and actors.  This world could use a new Renaissance and perhaps the collaboration and "being with" diverse artists may help inspire it.  It was an absolute privilege and pleasure to be able to do something so cultural at this time and place -- anchored to traditions of drawing, comic art and opera -- but also to the "now."  Thank you for the opportunity.


Artist: Becky Laff

Becky's Thoughts on the Experience
The performance was gorgeous, all around, and the music was incredible; but most of all the energy of so many people, so many different skills, coming together to create something so grand and so beautiful was what I found most inspirational.  This is nothing like opera!


Artist: Kate Saturday


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