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Friday, December 3

Q: A friend is dragging me to the opera in March. La traviata, I think. I've never been before, all I know about the opera is fat ladies and viking helmets. Plus it's so "fancy," do I have to wear a tux? I can think of a whole host of things I'd rather do on a Saturday night. Like go to the bar with my friends, catch a Wild game, or stay home and play Rock Band. But I gotta go (because I agreed), so what should I expect? - Classically Challenged 

A: Well, Classically Challenged, we're glad you asked. Actually, we're especially glad that you asked now. Why, you ask? Because we have the PERFECT answer to your question. It's clear to us that you like fun (Wild games), music (Rock Band), and partying with your friends (bar on Saturday night). We've got an answer that incorporates all 3 of those things.*

Next Thursday (December 9), get yourself to the Minnesota Opera Center for Opera Boot Camp. The evening starts off with happy hour (seriously). From 6 - 7, we'll all be mixing, mingling, and enjoying wine from The Naked Grape, beer from Summit Brewery, and appetizers from Toast Wine Bar. Then from 7 - 8:30 you get to meet Tempo and the United Way (double bonus), go through opera basic training (a quick and dirty lesson led by Angie Keeton), and you get to experience the music (not a full blown production, some military-esque arias sung by opera artists). All this for only $15 dollars. To enlist in Opera Boot Camp, all you have to do is call the Minnesota Opera's ticket office at 612-333-6669 (business hours, 9-6).

So, there you have it. The PERFECT answer to your question. Sure you've got to wait a little bit (only a week), but good things come to those who wait, right? Feel free to wrangle up your usual Thursday happy hour crew and bring them too (you seem like the kind of guy who might appreciate a regular Thursday HH). The more the merrier. 

Any more questions? Just ask.
- Tempo

* By the way, Tempo Night Out is a triple threat too - opening night at the opera, an intermission lounge for the "cool" kids, and a kick ass after party at Sakura (yes, we just said kick ass - it's THAT good). So, you should be glad that your friend is "dragging" you to the opera in March (clearly they are a good friend). And no, you don't have to wear a tux. Just come as you are.


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